Kaur Sukhveer, tutor in Kowloon
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Happy kids happy classroom! The motto I work by, I truly believe in order to attain a good learning environment, we have to ensure the happiness of the students. Mainstream teaching often pressure children into a monotonous learning routine. As a tutor, I tend to ensure planting creative channels into my teaching. Such as observational videos, personal storytelling, command games etc. What I enjoy most about tutoring is that along with teaching we ourselves are exposed to learning something new everyday. Knowing that at the end of the day, we are making a difference by bringing knowledge into those little ones.


What I learnt being a tutor is that we as educators need to have flexibility and adaptability, I have seen myself as a tutor with many versatile means of teaching students, which has allowed me to better meet with the needs and abilities of different students. I regard myself to be an enthusiasm teacher, showing positive energy in an learning environment helps student perform better, it provides them with confidence and motivation to making a progress.


Being a tutor, I like to keep an open space for learning, which allows for students to question and find answers independently. I also believe it is essential as a tutor to be able to adapt and provide Individual and unique learning experience, having to customise the lessons and activities to best suit the needs of the student. To add on, it’s important for tutors to help students overcome learning obstacles, as a tutor myself I tend to specifically target whichever aspect of learning the child may have difficulty with, and work towards improving the specific areas, for instance, phonics, grammar, writing, or vocabulary etc.


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St. Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong


University of Wollongong


Bachelor’s Degree


My name is Sukhveer. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Studying in a local school gave me a profound understanding of the education system in Hong Kong. I had completed my bachelor degree in Media and Communication at UOW College Hong Kong. During my studies, I had written various opinion pieces and feature articles in my blog, Simmi & Diaries. Creating the personal blog presented me with opportunity and exposure, and assisted me in establishing myself as a writer/blogger. The blogging experience offered a profound understanding of the publication industry, hence building my interest in creative writing. My previous blogging experience has certainly aided me in sharpening my eye for detail and accuracy, along with polishing my content organisational and planning skills.


I have around 3 years of experiences working as an English Tutor for learning centres as well as local school. I would also like to emphasise on my exceptional writing skills which allows me to create attractive and effective materials for my students. I would emphasis on my teaching style; I like to facilitate learning through active participation in class activities, this encourages students to build confidence and helps develop a sense of exploration. I tend to make a classroom as lively as possible, and often opt for creative learning methods in order for students to enjoy the process.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




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