Nok Tung Joshua, tutor in Hong Kong Island
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I enjoy the time helping students which pays effort but might not find the most accurate way of learning


I think as a tutor one of the biggest advantages I have is a have been studying under the local system to Secondary 3. Where my school offered the IBDP course I changed to it when I am Secondary 4 till graduating in Secondary. This leads to the result of me being able to develop 2 different schemes of teaching. Some students might be suitable for the local teaching method simply by memorizing but some may be more towards learning in more active teaching.


I think the main thing is to stand beside the student having collaborative learning is the key. Some students are hating the normal teaching style which lacks interaction and I think this helps a lot in grabbing the student's interest. A tutor should be helping the student in two ways. The first is the develop the interest in the specific subject then work on the grades the student can obtain.


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St. Stephen's College


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Currently in Bachelor degree


I am Joshua a year 1 radiography student from PolyU. I have been studying at St. Stephen's College and acquired a 40/45 score for my final exam. I am confident in teaching both English and Chinese and would like to send a helping hand to those who find it difficult


I have been teaching a student Chinese from HKUGA and have given some exercise to the student resulting in a significant increase of failing in Chinese to a 70 score in exam. Furthermore with the top 3 highest scores in Chinese writing. I have also encountered a student from HKTKPC which he averaged a 40 percentile in English to 70 percentile


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習