Mahakdeep, tutor in Tin Shui Wai
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As a teacher in a center, I enjoy teaching in small groups and being able o share my tips or create examples to help students understand. I find it accomplishing when my students get better, especially the ones who are quiet and afraid to answer finally say something. However, as a tutor, I would love to focus on the individuals' weaknesses or teach them new concepts. Because at this moment I need to finish the required worksheets given for each class according to schedule which I believe are helpful but not always needed when the student already knows the concept and has no problem with it.


I am patient with my students, I will not act annoyed when my student does not understand instead try to find other ways to help them understand. I try my best to help students visualize the concepts by giving examples. Also, I always listen or ask them what they have understood so far to know their process and see if they have any problems.


The most important things a tutor can do is help them with their weakness regarding the subject or help them achieve motivation in learning. This can be done by taking a look at their work or by simply listening to the student, letting them figure out their troubles, and asking for guidance. Next to the tutor just has to help them and be patient until they improve. This gives them the confidence to do better and have more eagerness to learn. Moreover, as tutors help them enhance in a subject, they have share skills like learning the concepts rather than only memorizing it alone and also showing some note-taking strategies. These are the most important things a tutor can do as it encourages them or shows them they can get better, all we as tutors need to do is be patient, listen and share our wisdom.


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Bethel High School


Currently in Edinburgh Napier University, HKU Space International College, studying BA(hons) in Social Science


Associate Degree in Social Science


I am currently a full-time student, studying for a Bachelor of Social Science. I plan to further focus my studies in psychology and plan to become a counselor. While studying Social Science, I want to do different types of part-time jobs to help me interact with individuals of different ages. This will help me get a better understanding of myself at different periods of life and enhance my communication skills. I have worked in the F&B industry for some time but as I am not able to enhance any further skills, I chose to get into teaching. Which has been difficult sometimes but being to accomplish them and share my wisdom or share teaching methods that I have used in my younger years to help my students has been fulfilling.


I have been teaching for about 9 months now. Most of the classes are either 1-1 to 2,3-1. Thus, I can teach one on one tutoring or with more students if needed. I have learned that teaching small group classes has its benefits as I have a focus on the students' individual needs rather than the whole group. I may have not been teaching for long but do find this job very achieving whenever I help a student get better or solve the problem through my guidance. It can be hard at some times, especially when dealing with students who are extremely quiet and hypoactive to learn. In these cases have to take it every slow, give them hints to make their sentences, asking simple questions to get them to start to talk. Also, playing learning games as an alternative to teach them concepts.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




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