Jack, tutor in Ap Lei Chau
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Verified Tutor


Seeing students improve and fall for learning is what I enjoy most about tutoring. After all, we are talking about life-long learning in this day and age. I like to be the companion of students in their growth.


My strength is that I struggled to study when I was a student. I kicked off at a slow pace and went through the stage of feeling very confused and helpless until I met some very inspiring teachers who motivated me to work hard and found the joy in learning. I would say not everyone stumbled in their learning journey, but my struggles in learning facilitated me to be more empathetic and understanding on students' strengths, weaknesses and obstacles. Besides, I am very patient and I could spot out students' weaknesses easily.


I believe tutors could be good companions for students as all tutors have been students before and experienced the journey of being a student - they understand what a student will anticipate in the process. Having walked the same journey, good tutors could identify the blind spots and challenges students might come across in order to provide proper and tailor-made guidance accordingly. Good students could guide students to the right track.


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Bachelor of Arts


With a strong interest in language, I majored in Translation in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During my college years, I joined the Global Internship Programme in CUHK and worked as an editor for a local health magazine for 2 months. Later I was selected as the winner for EF Education First Global Internship Challenge and was awarded the opportunity to be deployed to EF Tokyo Office to work with global interns from all over the world for a month. After I graduate, I went to Bangkok for 2 months to study Thai and experience the Thai lifestyle. Not only have those experiences broadened my horizons and provided me invaluable experience to work with people from all backgrounds in a foreign country but also boosted my interests for language learning and teaching.


I have started tutoring since University. In the beginning I gave private tutorials to one or two students, later I applied for the position of weekend tutor at CCC Rotary Secondary School and taught English bridging course and S.5 and S.6 students to prepare them for the DSE English exam. Notwithstanding I have a full-time job, I am still giving private English tutorials regularly.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習