Laraib, tutor in Tseung Kwan O
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When I see my students doing well because of me, I get this satisfaction and it is what pushes me forward. I really enjoy teaching because it gives me all sorts of happiness to see my students succeed, and to see myself improving as a teacher day by day. Since I am studying in university to become an English teacher, tutoring gives me an opportunity to grow as a teacher and gain experience. Doing well and seeing my students succeed is the type of satisfaction I always look for, which explains my enjoyment for this career.


My strength would certainly be my creativity and confidence, I am actually very creative when it comes to making short stories, as my teacher used to applaud my work all the time, so I feel like this trait can be very useful to gel with the kids and try to read them stories. Since i have some working experience, it is safe for me to say I have a lot of patience, as I do not get angry very easily. I also have a strong ability to communicate effectively along with planning and organising brilliantly.


Firstly, I believe that tutors being understanding and compassionate with students is vastly significant. Different students have different paces, tutors cannot pressurise them into answering as quick as possible. In fact, tutors can be understanding and patient with students, which can help build rapport. Furthermore, I also believe that tutors need to help build confidence in students as it would certainly help students get better grades. Students usually do not believe in themselves, and I believe that tutors doing that could really help students in various ways, whether it is mentally or academically.


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QualiEd College


The Education University of Hong Kong


Currently studying Ba (lang) & bED (Eng Lang)


My name is Laraib and I am currently a year 2 student at the education university of Hong Kong. I'm studying Bachelor of Arts in Language studies and Bachelor of Education in English Language to become an English teacher and serve students to bring a positive impact. To be fair, I have been a brilliant student throughout my education and have been awarded several times, including a scholarship from my secondary school. English has been a significant part of my life, thus my desire to teach English. I really really adore young kids so teaching them has never seemed like a work for me. I have always enjoyed the process so I am always very excited to meet new kids and tutor them, and to be honest, I feel like kids always love me hahaha.


I have been doing private tutoring for 2 years now. I have privately tutored kids ranging from 3 to 15 year olds. I have worked at a learning centre called Enrich English for 2 years, where I conducted lessons for kindergarten kids. I have also taught my younger sister throughout her education. Besides, I have taught at a secondary school for 2 months as a part of my university course requirement, thus I have a lot of experience!


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




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