Louisa, tutor in Chuk Un
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Verified Tutor


Would share learning/ studying happiness, somethings that would contribute and help others, as well as it's some kind of making experiences and knowledge would pass on.


Easily alert what students' needs.Good analyzing skills of students' status which make a effective way to deal with their learning difficulties. Creative, enthusiastic and sympathetic on educational consulting.


1. 讓學生知道自己的優勢和不擅長的地方, 發揮其優勢並補足不擅長之處。 2.指導﹑啟發更適合學生學習知識﹑思考問題﹑記憶的資料﹑運用所學的方法。 3.調整應試策略及心態。 1. To let students understand their strengths and weakness, enhance their strengths and supplement their weakness. 2. Guide and inspire a suitable method for them for learning knowledge , thinking with different angles and deal with different issues, remember those data that have to remember. 3. Adjust strategies and attitude of facing examinations.


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Kowloon True light middle school


The Education University of Hong Kong


Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology


Hi, this is Louisa. I graduated form The Education University of Hong Kong (Secondary school education certificate with credit ), major: art and design, minor: Chinese. Besides, I gained A Fine art Bachelor with distinction from RMIT University at Hong Kong arts school, major: ceramics minor: painting and art history. I'm familiar with primary(Chin/Eng/Math),also Secondary school Chinese language and culture.I'd guiding from kindergarten to junior secondary students on academic subjects. I also able to consult DSE art students/international schools students with their art projects or special need on visual art subjects. 主攻補習: 小學可全科 中文: 聽﹑說﹑讀﹑寫 創意寫作,說話技巧﹑升班面試技巧,閱讀理解能力訓練等 中學初中可教文言文, 中國文化情意等 小學英文 creative and fun way to learn, lead students handle with practical English easier. DSE students: Visual art projects/ cause work/ art criticize essay.


Please remember that learning should go step by step there's not very useful of last minute efforts, Although, you might pass for that time. Some students find me for help nearly by last minute, and most of the time I tired to make them through, however, we can have a better way to build our knowledge base.Right?


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


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