Saravanan, tutor in Kennedy Town
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The satisfaction to see the student has progressed at the end of the day and the sense of accomplishment is further enhanced to see when they feel courageous to speak up and speak openly to everyone in English.


I do challenge my students in critical thinking and problem solving. I love to teach and tutor students and promote them in terms of independent thinking and being constructive in terms of their language and word usage. By doing this, i not only wish to install the courage to speak up and share their thoughts, i also wish to make them feel more open to speaking in English both locally and internationally, which in return gives me satisfaction and opens more doors for them!


I believe the most important aspect a tutor should have is patience. There is no one way to tackling the problem at hand and there should be different approaches to make the student not only learn but also be comfortable in doing so. I also push the student to ask more questions and have open discussions to invoke their spirit to speak and have an easy fluent conversation.


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Taylor's College


Victoria University of Wellington, HKU Space


Degree and Higher Diploma


I am an experienced professional currently working with Cathay Pacific Airways and have been for just under 11 years. I love to carry out workshops with some of the local NGOs and also love teaching public speaking as well.


I have experience in teaching international school students back in Malaysia years before in English and History. I also am experienced in carrying out workshops along with NGOs in Hong Kong for local school students to be more confident in speaking English both conversationally and professionally. Currently i am tutoring some mainland students via zoom on mostly public speaking and speech.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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