Maryam, tutor in Tuen Mun
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I enjoy the process of tutoring. Successfully conveying a message to the student is very satisfying especially when the student understands it. It then motivates me to carry on the tutoring with passion.


I believe my high patience and tolerance level is a strength. I am eager to listen and observe patiently before engaging in a task. I also try to understand the students ability to engage my teaching. I also encourage interaction between the student and the tutor as it increases the efficiency of the tutoring. At the same time, having a easygoing environment for the student.


I believe opening the doors to progress of a student is most important. The tutor has to have an understanding of the student, making sure of their ability to proceed with the teaching. The tutor should give his/her full potential, with the aim of improving the student in relation to their subjects.


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Madam Lau Kam Leung Secondary School of MFBM


Lingnan University ( still attending )


Year 3 bachelor’s degree ( on going )


I am a year 3 student of Lingnan University, majoring in translation. My choice of the course was mainly due to my interest in languages. The languages of translation are Chinese and English. For the past two years of pandemic, I have spent a lot of time working in quarantine centres, providing services to people around the world. My main service was to translate Chinese to different languages ( Urdu, Hindi and English) in order to break the language barrier of the people. It was a life-changing experience as it highly increased my patience and tolerance towards different types of people. I also have a great interest in teaching especially the students of kindergarten to primary level.


I was hired to tutor the non-Chinese students in Hong Kong. Extra focus on their Chinese was to be made more than anything else. At that time, I found that patience is the most important ability of a tutor, not only to maintain the stable learning environment but also the progress of the students. There were more than ten students at that time. Keeping an eye on every each one of them was a challenge but somehow manageable. Currently, I have been having English fun games classes with primary school students in a local primary school. There are three separate classes for P.1-P.2 students, P.3-P.4 students and P. 5-P.6 students respectively. And in every each one of them, I get to experience something different. But one thing for sure, the teacher plays a major role in creating the suitable classroom environment, which encourages the students to engage in the class. The teacher has to make sure every each one of them are given the opportunity to answer the questions ( for English fun games ) and that none feels neglected.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary




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