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My favorite part about tutoring is seeing the light bulbs go off in my students’ eyes when they finally understand a concept after struggling with it for a long time. It’s even better knowing that I had a part in helping them learn it in the first place. Another gratifying experience as a tutor is to develop a relationship with a student. This is a special opportunity to help them discover their potential, and to improve their academic performance. I love the challenge of figuring out a way to help a student overcome a particular learning obstacle, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing the progress my students make. I'm committed to developing a positive tutoring environment that fosters student success.


As a tutor, my strengths lie in my ability to quickly understand the material being taught and provide clear, simple explanations. Students have appreciated my ability to tailor explanations to their level of understanding, and my tendency to go outside the scope of the assignment to provide additional, clarifying examples has proven especially useful in this regard. I also enjoy working with students one-on-one, and I find that being able to discuss the material at length allows me to better understand how best to convey complex ideas.


As a tutor, my job is to help students master and fully consolidate the material, not just to pass the exam. I believe in providing challenging and meaningful homework assignments as well as addressing their academic weaknesses that push students to think on their feet and develop critical thinking skills. A good tutor also shows interest in their students by providing encouragement and motivation. Having a sense of purpose and direction not only helps students to keep them focused on track, but also succeed in their studies and future academic goals.


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Shatin College (沙田學院)


Northwestern University, United States (西北大學,美國)


IB Diploma (44/45, 7s in all 6 IB subjects)


My name is Stephanie Wong, and I am a second year student at Northwestern University. I am majoring in neuroscience and minoring in data science + global health. I have always been passionate about science, especially chemistry and physics. I am also fluent in Chinese and English, having grown up in Hong Kong all my life, but I grew up in an English environment, as I studied in an international school since secondary school. Nevertheless, I am happy to offer tutoring in both languages. My studies have allowed me to not only expand my knowledge in STEM, but also improve my writing and communication skills as I am currently enrolled in an intensive writing program. I believe that all of these skills are important to bring my best ability as a tutor and will continue to improve.


I have been tutoring students in English, math and sciences at a local youth center in Ma On Shan called 香港青少年服務処 賽馬会恒安総合青少年服務中心. My role was to help primary students who have limited exposure to English to be able to strengthen their interpersonal and comprehension skills, thus improving their confidence as they strive to reach their academic goals. I have also worked with students from a variety of backgrounds and academic abilities that is outside of this youth center, eg. at a special needs school (Jockey Club Sarah Roe), and have seen the impact that tutoring can have in their learning domain.


Primary, Junior Secondary, IELTS


英文, 廣東話


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