Vaishali (Sally), tutor in Kennedy Town
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


The fact that I learn more about the language by engaging in it like this makes it a fulfilling experience. Teaching is a beautiful process when teachers understand that students have a lot of lessons to impart as well.


I try to approach the subject from a learner-friendly manner, where instead of the instructor giving most of the information and the student is expected to retain the information, the student is allowed to discover and unfold the subject matter. I input different modes of teaching like videos, texts and even interactive activities depending on what the student responds to best.


A tutor's job is not just meant to supplement students that come to them seeking help but also to give them the attention that a traditional classroom set-up fails to provide them. A tutor can pay attention to the smaller details of the learner and provide personalized lessons for the child. Moreover, they are able to scaffold the learner in such a way that they perform better in traditional classrooms as well.


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Sophia High School


The University of Hong Kong


Researcher under the Common Core Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program (2021-2022)


I am a year 2 student at the University of Hong Kong studying a BA&BEd (English education) double degree. I have had a passion for English since middle school and have carried it forward to turn this into a career. I read and write in my spare time and enjoy cooking. I am presently researching Post Colonialism and South Asian literature and attempting to bring this to Hong Kong schools.


I have tutored students of varying age groups since my junior year of high school. I have ranged from teaching phonics to preparing final year high school students for their final exams. Moreover, I have also had experience teaching business English to corporate professionals as well.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




網上補習, 上門補習