Theresa, tutor in Kowloon
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Verified Tutor


I enjoy spending time with my students and seeing their improvement over the months of tutoring. My favorite thing about tutoring is when shy students who are originally reluctant to speak in English try very hard to converse in English during our lessons and begin to be more comfortable with the language. I understand how daunting it is for Hong Kong students to be comfortable thinking and speaking in English, which is why I am very passionate about making students love the English language.


I have a strong ability to communicate with children of all ages and backgrounds because of my experience as a private tutor, a volunteer in primary schools, and a participant in various international drama festivals. I have excellent problem-solving and conflict-resolving skills, as well as solid English language abilities from the experiences of taking English Literature as one of my electives in the HKDSE exams and being the Chairperson of the English Drama Club and the Vice President of the English Public Speaking Club for two years in secondary school. I can create tutorial materials and implement lesson plans suited for the needs and abilities of individual students, as well as deliver weekly lessons remotely while incorporating active participation to encourage students to contribute ideas. I have also effectively encouraged shy students of younger ages to interact in English by communicating fully in English during class and helping with guiding questions.


A tutor should be able to create lesson plans according to the individual needs of each student that are both engaging and efficient, as well as effectively encourage shy students to actively participate. They should also adopt different teaching styles for students as everyone has different learning styles. What works for one may not work as well for another. For English tutors, in particular, it is important for them to encourage shy students, especially those of younger ages, to interact in English so they would feel more comfortable with the language. Tutors should also collaborate with parents to set realistic learning goals.


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德望中學 (Good Hope School)


多倫多大學 (University of Toronto)


University Year 1


Hello! I am a second-year university student at the University of Toronto. I am in the psychology program, specializing in mental health studies, which is highly related to my career goal of becoming a child psychologist in the future. I am dependable, highly motivated, and patient, and am very passionate about teaching as teachers are the best people to help children reach their fullest potential.


I have a wide range of experience teaching children from ages 5 to 14. I mostly teach English, which includes phonics for younger children and reading, writing, listening, and speaking for older students. Apart from English, I teach Maths and Science as well. I also help children with their homework in various subjects, including Chinese, English, Maths, and Science. I have 1 year of experience working in a learning center, providing extensive support to each student as both a tutor and administrator.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話


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