Vibek, tutor in Yau Ma Tei
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I love teaching the kids younger than me, as it was my wish during my years in high school as I was not able to find much type of tutoring/assistant to help me with my studies. So I have had the desire to provide whomever that I will be teaching an almost perfect learning environment that I have never had. Apart from that, I love to meet new people, especially kids, as each of them are special and have different needs. The last thing would be the challenges I will face, I love facing challenges especially when teaching, as the student is able to fully understand what I have thought after a lot of difficulties, that feeling is the most happiest feeling because not only did you finish what you started but you also made an very major impact on someone else life.


My strength as a tutor would be -very friendly -hard-working -able to work overtime to finish the ongoing lesson section -loves teaching


I believe that there are three important thing that a tutor has to do. The first one would be providing a very fun and interactive learning environment for the student. The second would be explain the concepts more throughly so as to increase the students understand and allow them to use the concepts further down their academic career/life. The last one would be to increase the student's interest in a particular subject, as this would make teaching more interesting.


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Maryknoll Fathers' School


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Studying bachelors of engineering (Electrical Engineering)


I am Vibek Gurung, I am a year 1 student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, studying the bachelors of engineering. I love to teach, I am very friendly and I love talking/giving lectures. I am also a very easy-going person, however I can also be very harsh and strict when need. I love learning new things and currently I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people. I do understand that I am not perfect and that I will make mistakes, however I am willing to always correct it and improve.


I have been a tutor for quite sometime. I have tutor a group of 8 people for their MATHS DSE, during this time, I learnt a lot of teaching methods that I can use, for example, focusing on a particular hard topic, creating a more "friendly" learning environment to help reduce their stress and repeatedly explaining and allowing them to explain different questions throughly to ensure they really understand the concepts/questions. Apart from teaching DSE students, I have also MATHS for secondary students below form 5, as well as teaching Integrated science, physics and extended maths. I have also experience in teaching primary students all subject expect Chinese.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合