Shubhika, tutor in Tuen Mun
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I enjoy helping student overcome their challenges. Through tutoring, I am able to encourage students to do their best. Most students often doubt themselves due to their constraints in learning. Having to struggle with such challenges personally, it can feel quite overwhelming and difficult to push yourself to continue working to attain your goal. However, I believe that the only person that one should be competing with, is themselves. Students often compare grades and view themselves as less. However, as a tutor, you are able to motivate, inspire and encourage students to do their best. In terms of tutoring, this is something I thoroughly enjoy.


I believe one of my strengths as a tutor is connecting with the student. I believe it is quite crucial to have an understanding tutor-student relationship to ensure that the both the learning and teaching are effective. Personally, I have been a struggling student before and have taken many tuition classes. Therefore, I believe I know how it is like to be lacking behind a subject or a course. I believe I can do an exceptional job at helping students to excel in their studies whilst also developing a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Although, tutors are responsible for educating a student, I believe it is significant for a tutor to educate themselves on what they will be teaching as they need to pass accurate knowledge to their students. With that being said, I can assure you that I will do my best to gather such knowledge and support the student in their learning difficulties and challenges.


There are several essential things that a tutor can do for a student. For example, they can pass their knowledge and experiences to the student to avoid making the same mistakes the tutor once made. Tutors can give their students a learning environment that is catered to the student's personality. For instance, if a student has a limited attention span, the tutor can adjust the class by giving breaks accordingly or change the atmosphere of the classroom accordingly. Finally, a tutor can provide an environment with no judgements. When a student looks for a tutor, they are lacking in their respective subject which causes them to have trouble understanding certain concepts. As a consequence, a tutor understands their difficulties and takes a slow-paced approach. If a student makes a mistake, a tutor will not judge or complain the student, but they would rather assist and guide the student through the process.


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Delia Memorial School (Glee Path)


The Education University of Hong Kong, University of Manitoba


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education


Hello! My name is Shubhika, but you may call me Shubhi. I am 18 years old. I am currently doing 2 courses which include, a Diploma in Early Childhood Education programme in the Education University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Science degree in the University of Manitoba. By the time of our interview, I would have officially been done with my Diploma of Early Childhood Education. I am looking to work Part-time as I am still studying and will soon leave to Canada in late August. As a result, I am looking to enhance my skills and experiences in the teaching field so I can strengthen myself personally and professionally.


I have taught Cambridge classes to Primary school students. During my experience working in a learning centre. I would incorporate the theme and the agenda of our lesson according to the concepts the students would learn in school. I also have experience teaching primary and junior secondary students in Math, Chinese, English, Chemistry and Biology. I would normally do online classes with the students due to the pandemic. However, I would prefer to teach students face to face at a library or a local venue.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, IELTS




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