Nafeesa, tutor in Tsim Sha Tsui
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Being able to meet new people and converse with them. Through teaching my students, I am seeing their progress and how confident they become with using English to communicate with me and others. Listening to them, for instance, updating me about what they did in a day or sharing any memorable events touches me as they try their best to pass the message to me even if they are struggling. Also, rewarding them is another favorite part of tutoring since the excitement it brings to them really reminds me why I love doing my job. When they actively share with their parents about the class or the reward, and the parent lets me know, it feels like an assurance I am doing well in helping them.


I am able to quickly break the ice with my students so a fun and communicative ambiance can be built for learning. Being able to converse with the students is my strength, therefore, I utilize it to understand them better, for instance, to know what they like/ what they watch so how can I incorporate those values into helping them learn English(or the subject of choice). Furthermore, I enjoy searching for and preparing materials for my students since it exposes me to various resources which are helpful for me to teach and for the students to learn and practice. This brings up another value of mine, which is I strongly believe in revision. I want my students to understand the content of the class very well, hence to test them, I will quiz them both after teaching them and then during the next class before starting any new topic.


Firstly is to guide them, as a tutor, one shall be responsible to understand their students well and understand where they need help in, therefore, they will accordingly guide that student to improve in it. Secondly, motivating the students is a vital role the tutor should play as either encouraging the students for trying although they haven't done a good job or appreciating their hard work will have a positive impact on the student's learning ability. They will understand through perseverance, they can perform well! Last but not least, preparing suitable materials for the students as a tutor understanding their students is important so if one prepares any level of content which could be higher or lower than their student's standards then the class time could be wasted, so in order to prevent it, providing the proper resources to quiz the student about the content taught is valuable too.


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Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College


Currently Attending The University of Hong Kong


High School Diploma (HKDSE)


Hi! I am Nafeesa, currently a sophomore at the University of Hong Kong. To describe myself in 3 words, I would go with curious, enthusiastic, and driven. I have always been fond of the English language as it is fascinating how it allows me to express my opinions freely to others as well as lets me bond with strangers through communication. At a young age, I was impressed by my primary school English teacher as she would give me stickers as rewards when I actively participated in class. It had a profound impact on me as I wanted to one day, be in her position and teach and reward my students. Being able to socialize with my students and different people whom I meet in this field helps me to broaden my horizons. Teaching English to others motivates me as I am a part of a job that assists the younger generation to improve their language, therefore enhancing their educational and professional opportunities and making meaningful improvements to their daily life.


I have been tutoring since the summer break of 2020. I started off teaching English to pre-school and kindergarten kids, then gradually to primary as well as secondary students. When it comes to teaching, I try to first build a comfortable relationship with the student so it is interactive and energetic. Moreover, I prepare the relevant content suitable for the lessons earlier after discussing it with the parents. In addition to materials, I motivate the students by rewarding them for their achievements. Since English is a language and can't be learned overnight, I always revise the earlier content taught to my students before moving on to new topics!


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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