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Watching a child grow in confidence is definitely what I enjoy most about tutoring. Knowing that I was able to strengthen whatever they felt they were lacking in, taking the time to hear them out and finding efficient yet consistent ways to help them out, has become very rewarding to me. I enjoy being a part of my student's journey and learning process, as I am able to see the long term benefits for their betterment. This also in turn, posits as a reminder that I am doing something right and that these experiences are so fruitful for my personal growth too.


One strength is my communication skills. I make sure that my students feel respected and understood all throughout each class and session. I go above and beyond to make any point clear which they may need help understanding. I am always able to find a way to accommodate any student's learning by encouraging them to voice out their issues. Another strength is my experience of teaching kids of different ages coming from different backgrounds. This has equipped me with the skillset of flexibility and adaptability in any situation, all in all enforcing healthy progress for my students. I make sure to keep my lessons entertaining, using creative forms of learning by playing, using interactive technology in the classes, changing roles of teacher and students and more.


I believe it would be tailored learning. To not just go by the textbook and to not use one approach for every student is extremely important. Going with the flow, spotting a gap or repeated mistake, helping the students connect the dots by truly listening to them while building a personal relationship full of trust and respect would only come about through tailored learning. This also increases their resilience and confidence by creating a safe space for them to be open and honest about their understanding, what they wish to improve in rather than what I believe would be best. Overall, creating a very healthy learning outcome.


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My name is Hiya Arora and I'm 18 years old. I have been tutoring for around 2 years now in total. I love making meaningful connections with kids and students and would love to spend my summer pursuing my passions. I have just graduated high school after completing my AS and A Levels and am quite free during the summer to help kids out with their learning journeys. Looking forward to meeting new kids and spending time helping them out!


I have taught 3-4 year olds how to read, how to pick up writing and how to enhance their understanding and ability to partake in social cues and interactions. This included using Jolly Phonics and various story telling and reading activities to not only keep them engaged but also encouraging the kids to step out of their shells and commit to the learning process. I have also taught primary school students, ranging from the ages 7-11, including both English and Math. For English, I created writing exercises to help build students' comprehension, grammatical and story writing abilities.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, IELTS




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