Lane Fon Ingrid, tutor in Yau Yat Chuen
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I believe that knowledge can change fate. I am eager to make valuable contributions to your centre by providing English and Chinese classes for primary school students and IGCSE/GCE A Levels classes for secondary school students so that they can improve their knowledge and get remarkable examination results.


I am dedicated to teaching primary school students English, Chinese and Mathematics, and secondary school students on IGCSE/GCE ALevels Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics.


The most important qualities of a tutor are having proficient knowledge and experience in tutoring, having exceptional critical and communication skills, and being responsible.


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YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (studied GCE ALevels), Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) (studied DSE curriculum to F.5)


The University of Hong Kong


Undergraduate (Bachelor of Science (Speech and Hearing Sciences)


I am Ingrid Hung. I am currently a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Sciences (Speech and Hearing Sciences) at the University of Hong Kong. I am dedicated to teaching primary school students Mathematics, English and Chinese and secondary school students on IGCSE/ GCE A Levels Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Mathematics, by applying proficient knowledge and experiences in tutoring to work and make contributions to your centre. My time as a private Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics tutor of 15 IGSCE/ GCE A Levels students for 4 years and private science, Chinese and English tutor for underprivileged students in the Principal Chan Free Tutorial World has polished my skills in the delivery of tailor-made class and the way to assist students to tackle examination questions. My experience in practising academic presentations with English-speaking students in my role as an academic advisor in the Swire Hall, HKUSU has equipped me with strong English-speaking skills. I am eager to apply my proficient English to provide classes for students.


I have been a private Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics tutor of 15 IGSCE/GCE ALevels students and have been a private Chinese, English and Mathematics tutor of students who studied in prestigious primary schools (including La Salle Primary School and St Paul's Co-educational College Primary School) for 4 years. It was immeasurably rewarding to witness how some students could improve two grades from the school mock examination to the public IGSCE Chemistry and Physics examinations after half a year of tutoring. Also, it was also rewarding to see primary school children improve their English examination by 10 marks throughout the year. My time as a tutor of secondary school SEN students at English WeCan 2020 programme has polished my communication skills by discussing SEN student’s academic needs with parents and teachers and providing training to SEN caregivers. After the collaboration with caregivers, students successfully learnt 500 English words in the course. These experiences prepare me to integrate with parents, in order to promote student's academic results.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合