Yun Chak, tutor in Sha Tin
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Verified Tutor


Being a part of students' journey of grasping content and becoming more and more successful in school has always been a very rewarding experience. Aside from helping students excel, tutors also play quite a significant role in students' lives. Becoming a tutor allows me to share my personal experiences with my students and seeing how they can learn from my mistakes or successes is another factor that motivated me to work as a tutor.


I was born in Hong Kong and studied at a local primary school, and in 7th grade (S1), I moved to the US. When the pandemic hit, I came back to Hong Kong in 11th grade (S5) and studied at an international school. Hence, I can speak both Cantonese and English fluently and am somewhat familiar with the local and international school systems in Hong Kong. I am also familiar with the American Curriculum (SAT/AP) and can offer help on US university applications if students are considering studying in the US. I have Having moved across the world and transferring schools almost every two years, I would say that my adaptability is my greatest strength. As a tutor, my adaptability coupled with my problem-solving skill allows me to provide a more personalized learning experience for students. In addition, with the experience of tutoring younger children with ADHD, I also have a great deal of patience, and I will use different ways to help students grasp concepts when they are struggling.


Most of the time, teachers have a lot on their plate and, for the benefit of the entire class, they can only divert so much attention to a particular student; this is where private tutors come in. As tutors, we can provide students with individualized learning experiences that are tailored to their specific strengths and weaknesses which can help students improve in areas in which they lack confidence. Moreover, students might not feel comfortable asking questions in front of their classmates, and with private tutoring, we can provide students with an environment where they can ask questions without feeling self-conscious. This not only helps students clear up their misconceptions but also helps students develop into better communicators.


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American International School


University of California, San Diego


High School Diploma


Hi all, I recently graduated from the American International School, and will be attending the University of California, San Diego next fall to study Human Biology. In high school, I undertook the American Curriculum, and I completed the SAT and AP Exams. On the SAT, I achieved a score of 1510 out of 1600 (Top 1%), and I also took 8 AP Exams: AP Physics 1 (5/5), AP Biology (5/5), AP Calculus BC (5/5) [AB Subscore 5/5], AP Computer Science Principles (5/5), AP Chemistry (4/5), AP Statistics (4/5), AP Seminar (5/5), AP World History (4/5). I also graduated high school with a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.81 out of 4.00 and was a three-time Principal’s Honor Roll Recipient.


Most recently, I volunteered as a tutor and provided virtual tutoring lessons for a primary 2 student with ADHD. I helped him complete his assignments and prepare for his in-school assessments. I have also tutored a primary 6 and provided him with personalized lessons that were based on weaknesses. In the end, he achieved strong exam results that successfully landed him in a Band 1 secondary school.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合