Jonathan, tutor in Kwun Tong
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I have thought of being a Mathematics teacher once I graduate. The reason to become a Mathematics teacher is that I enjoy the feeling of success once the student can obtain new knowledge. In addition, as a person who have experienced the same stage as them, I do want to provide efficient and useful methods to them and hence they can spend fewer time on studies. This, they can have more time to spend on their interests and the things they really love.


As above mentioned, having a strong Mathematics background and experiences of being a Mathematics tutor, I strongly believe that my teaching will definitely help my students to achieve a better result and a fruitful experiences.


First of all, under the Hong Kong Education Scheme, the most important thing for a tutor to do is that we should provide an efficient method and better understanding to students, and hence to improve their performance in certain subjects. Second, I think that tutors can act as an experiences person in order to share what they have gone through when they had similar circumstances.


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CCC Mong Man Wai College


The Chinese University of Hong Kong




I am Jonathan, a year-4 student studying a Bachelor degree of the science of Risk Management in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the first two years of my university life, I was a student majoring in Mathematics. However, after deep consideration and understanding what I am really interested in, I decided to transfer my subject to the major of risk management. Therefore, I strongly believe that my mathematics background will definitely help students to improve their performance in Mathematics and strength their sense to deal different kinds of problems. Apart from speaking of my academic background, I am also a sports lover who are the representatives of my school, CUHK, and the Hong Kong Chelsea Soccer School.


I have been a tutor since I was a year-1 student. I have students from different age groups. They are mainly primary 6 and secondary 1-6. In addition, I worked as a part-time mathematics tutor in a tutorial centre, I-Learner, for 1 year. My job duties were to provide teaching materials and to facilitate students in Mathematics Learning.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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