Hallaji, tutor in Tsim Sha Tsui
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I enjoy the interaction between the tutors and students. I enjoy that I am able to pass on my knowledge to someone, while at the same, making great connections with the students, at the same time, seeing them grow. I say this because the students that I have private tutored always would say that I am someone that they find really easy to talk with, which is something that I have always wanted to achieve. One other thing that I really enjoy tutoring helps me grow as a person as well. You have to be patient, calm, and understanding of your students, as not all of them react in the same way that you think.


My strengths include: 1) Patience, this is something everyone should have, not only tutors 2) Adaptability, every student reacts in a different way when told to do or say something 3) Motivation, every tutor should be able to motivate their students to be better 4) Empathy, try to understand what they think, and put yourself in the student's shoes.


The most important things in my opinion, include: 1) Teach them the knowledge they wish to seek. 2) Help them grow as a person. 3) Make great friendships with them. 4) Build Confidence in the Student. 5) Improve a Student's Study Skills.


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La Salle College


City University of Hong Kong


Completed the HK Diplomat of Secondary Education (DSE) Attained a level 5 in English with 5** in Speaking and Level 4s in Other Subjects Achieved A* in IGCSE French


I am Hallaji. I am 20 years old, and currently studying at the City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Management. I was born and raised here, in Hong Kong, and I graduated from La Salle College back in 2020, and I did the HKDSEs and attained satisfactory results. I am passionate, ambitious, and reliable, and I would want to get things done both effectively, and efficiently. I have been tutoring for a relatively long time, say around 5 years. I started back when I was in Secondary 5, and have been tutoring ever since, so I could confidently say that I have understood the importance of being a great teacher to students.


I started my tutoring journey back when I was still in Secondary School. I was teaching Primary school and Secondary 1 students English and Maths. Then, once I graduated and got into university, I joined a tutorial center and started teaching BAFS, mainly the management module, and a bit of Economics to Secondary 4-6 Students. At the same time, I was still doing some private tutoring. I would go to primary school students' houses and teach them English and Maths. Other than Academics, I was also pretty active in teaching sports to children, namely teaching basketball and cricket.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE