Fathima Zafina, tutor in Tsim Sha Tsui
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Verified Tutor


While tutor there’s always a joy when seeing the kids being proud of themselves when they understand a concept. When students are willing to give answers to my questions, it gives me the motivation to work harder for the students so that they can have an easier time brainstorming ideas.


As a tutor, I can say I have successfully had all my students understand the concepts i try to teach. Though some may find it hard to understand, I was able to acknowledge that some students take some time in understanding and require a little extra attention. Therefore, I’ve also learned how to manage my time in teaching those who require extra help.


I believe a tutor is firstly supposed to give their full attention and their knowledge to the students with also being friendly with them. This helps the students be more attentive and more open to sharing their progress with the tutor.


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Delia Memorial School Broadway


Polytechnic University


Associates Degree


My name is Zafina, I completed associates degree at hkuspace, majoring in criminology. I am currently studying in PolyU for psychology. I believe I am a very out-going and friendly person who knows how to deal with kids. Though my ultimate goal in life is to be a criminal psychologist, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher as well. Therefore, I would like to do part-time in this field.


I’ve worked at a centre in choi hung and in caritas, central. Worked 9-5 in both centres, with students from K1-3 and P1-6. I’ve taught phonics, interview skills and more. I’ve also taught basic science and major in english. My focus subject in teaching is english as I consider myself to be very strong in that aspect, especially in speaking. Moreover, I’ve also worked with 1 ADHD student.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary




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