Michelle, tutor in Tin Shui Wai
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Verified Tutor


I feel that It is really rewarding to see someone succeed or feel a sense of achievement because of you and your teaching.As students are hesitant when they first start going for tuitions for the subject they are weak at but as soon as they see a progress in themselves they start to gain confidence in asking questions and even more eagerness to learning.


I think my strengths as a tutor is that I can be patient with the student no matter how their learning pace is, as I can empathise as a student myself how it feels to struggle with a certain subject so I will try to make my student comfortable as much as possible. Secondly, my strengths as a tutor is that I will ask them questions on every step of the way to check if they really understand the concepts and provide them tips that can aid them in their learning.


Be patient with the student’s learning pace Provide positive encouragement so as to motivate the student to do better Provide different learning strategies and tips for the student use so that the student can utilize it to make improvement


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Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School


University of Tasmania


Bachelor in business administration


I am Michelle, I am currently 21 years pursuing my bachelor degree in business administration. I am born and raised in Hong Kong. I have prior work experience in F&B industry where I have cultivated hard and soft skills such as communication skills and problem solving skills but I want to further enhance my people skills by exposing myself to different types of people, thus, I feel that this teaching opportunity would not only help me gain new skills but also get me out of my comfort zone.


I have taught my distant relative’s kids during my summer vacation who struggled with English. I have volunteered as a teacher assistant in my local kindergarten.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary




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