Qurat-ul-Ain , tutor in Tsing Yi
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Verified Tutor


The thing I enjoy the most about tutoring is when I see students finally making a breakthrough with their progress. I feel the direct impact of my job and get motivated to look for creative ways to make learning fun and easy.


My strength as a tutor is to get students engaged and interact during lessons, I genuinely enjoy talking to people and hence my extrovert personality helps me in having studenta engage throughout lesson time. I am also very patient, I can adjust my teaching speed with student' ability.


The most important thing a tutor can do for their student is to be an educator rather than only a tutor. I think it is crucial to provide an efficient learning through understanding students weaknesses and needs as well as enouraging them to be interactive during class. Sometimea students are shy to ask questions I think it's also important to create an environment where is students feel comfortable to talk.


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Delia Memorial School (Broadway)


Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Associate degree


I'm currently a final year student in Hong Kong Metropolitan University doing bachelor of Environmental Science and Green Management. throughout my studies I have been doing part-time teaching jobs, I want to be a impactful person for my students who not only help them academically but also is someone who's willing to understand their difficulties in learning and come up with the the solutions to overcome their difficulties and make learning fun.


I have experience in teaching different groups of students in terms of age, level and abilities which means I had to come up with various teaching methods to accommodate particular groups. I enjoyed interacting with students. It has been a rewarding experience to see students being motivated and making improvements.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




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