Anthony Cesar, tutor in Ma Wan
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Seeing students grow in creativity, knowledge, understanding, resourcefulness and morals as their foundation of wisdom that will help propel them to leaders of the future... what can be more noble than this?


Over the years, I've developed the practice of "putting myself in the shoes of others". This has been extremely helpful in understanding what works, and what does not work, especially when it comes to learning. I make it a point to spend time to learn first about the background of those I am teaching in order to better connect with the learning needs and preferences of the students, to find the right match or most effective approaches, techniques and methods that will resonate with the students.


Teach the student the value of always being a kind and resourceful human being.... - "If you are not kind, you're not the right kind" - "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day... teach him how to fish. it will last him a lifetime". Besides building up students' intellect and merely focusing on lesson plans and answers, it is equally important to also build-up proper moral values of students and teaching them how to be resourceful. These foundations will last these students a lifetime and contribute to the betterment of future society... one student at a time.


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University of Santo Tomas


University of Santo Tomas


Bachelor of Science Electronics and Communications Engineering


I am a professional quality management leader and trainer with a history of building up successful quality professionals and teams. Besides conducting a multitude of technical training programs to engineers, managers, factory leaders and personnel, I've also conducted trainings of musical instruments (guitars, drums, percussions, etc.) and vocal singing to choirs and music ministries of Christian churches, and at work (H&M) as part of the company's HR programs. Most recently, I also learned how to adapt some of these personal and professional experiences to teaching 3-15 year olds kids, and supplementing these with key learnings from long time teachers at ABC Pathways, in a fun-filled environment.


As mentioned above, I've mentored quality professionals at different industries, and have also taught musical instruments one-on-one, some of which later ended-up even better at their chosen instrument than myself. While at ABC Pathways, I would provide individual guidance to students who are most lagging behind on specific areas, whether motor skills, vocabulary, grammar, speech, etc.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, University




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