Suchleen, tutor in Siu Sai Wan
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Verified Tutor


I enjoy tutoring primarily due to two reasons : being able to provide value to others and being able to reflect on my personality traits. In the first instance, teaching other students and aiding them in their problems allows me to give back to the society. I am able to use the knowledge and expertise I have gained to help others. In the second case, tutoring serves as one way for me to reflect on my personality and learn about myself. It also lets me hone my interpersonal skills by interacting with my students.


Firstly, I have a patient personality which enables me to cater to each student's growth individually. Different students have different temperaments : some are well-behaved and easy to control whilst some are slow and difficult. As a tutor, I believe it is my responsibility to remain patient throughout instead of losing my temper, thinking in the well being of the student and be focused on his growth. Secondly, I am highly accessible for my students even outside class timings. My students can reach out to me anytime for any sort of help and guidance, be it for homework or group projects.


I believe that understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses is of utmost importance. By doing such, a tutor can determine and recognize areas of improvement in an effort to improve and upgrade them, whilst continually providing support and guidance to the already established advantages. Another important factor is providing a safe and comfortable environment to raise questions and ask queries. The tutor should build a friendly space which allows the student to ask away without any hesitation, building both a stronger tutor-student relationship and an opportunity for growth.


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Marymount Secondary School


University of Hong Kong


Certificate of Excellence in Literature in English


I am a year 1 undergraduate who is currently studying Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance) at the University of Hong Kong. My hobbies include doing sports to keep fit (joined school sports team) and exploring cafes.


I have mainly had experience teaching junior secondary students with a focus in English and Mathematics. Not only have I given students one on one teaching, I have also taught classes in groups of 10 at my alma mater. As a person who has undergone the HKDSE examinations herself, I cater to my students by developing personal study plans for them which help me better understand their needs and thus, streamlining their progress.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, IELTS




上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合