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I enjoy students' feedback, I want them to be motivated learners but most importantly I want them to be confident teachers. A student is only fully able to understand a concept if they're able to teach someone else the same topic. I feel joyful learning from my students as well, I have had students who are interested in Music, Chinese History and Word History and I've learnt a lot from them. As a teacher who is learning and teaching at the same time, I think it's one of the best jobs in the world. Aside from that, building relationships is important, as I can track their progress. I can cater worksheets to their level to see them improve, I like to challenge students as well, it allows them to build their confidence in public speaking. 1% improvement every day leads to 37x improvement in a year (James Clear) and I stand by this as small changes create a big difference as time goes by, retaining memory is also important in preparing for examinations, that is why before my lessons, I have consolidation worksheets to check up on students' concepts.


I have a student-centered approach, I focus on tailoring my teaching materials to meet the needs of individual students. I have strong communication skills, although my lessons are to be conducted in English, I am still an average conversational speaker in Cantonese, I've had students who I've taught Math only using Cantonese, it's still important for me to use my language skills to help make them understand concepts in a way that they could understand better. I also have subject knowledge and experience, I am well versed with the HKDSE English, Mathematics and Economics examination. I am able to create intensive notes that can guide students in their learning and help them achieve good grades as HKDSE examinations serve as good exam preparation for senior secondary. I am also tech savvy, I am able to use multiple technologies to aid my teaching and will use all resources I can find to help students get enough practice well before their examinations.


As a tutor, it's important to tailor the teaching methods and materials to meet the students' ability because adapting to their pace lets them know that you are willing to help no matter how easy or difficult the topic may be. Having clear communication can encourage students to grasp the concepts and allowing them to ask questions is of utmost importance, many students lack the ability to ask questions when they don't understand what's happening. As a tutor, it's important to know their progress and to see how we can avoid confusing them. Lastly, engagement keeps the student involved in the lesson and keeps them motivated. For personalized lessons, we can the ability to cater topics based on students' choice, although it is important to know that schools in Hong Kong have fixed topics, making the student realise they still have a choice empowers them, building their confidence.


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HKMA David Li Kwok Po College


The University of Hong Kong




I am an experienced English and Mathematics tutor for Senior Primary and Junior Secondary students. With my expertise in both subjects, I am confident in my ability to help students achieve their academic goals and excel in their studies. I am also open to tutoring S4/S5 HKDSE Economics. My teaching philosophy is centered around student engagement and empowerment. I believe in giving my students a voice in their own learning and allowing them to choose the topics they want to focus on. I also aim to keep my lessons interesting and engaging, by incorporating games, discussions, and other interactive activities. If you are looking for a tutor who is passionate about education and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your full potential!


ENGLISH TEACHING Conducted oral lessons for students of various ages and levels - I prepared PowerPoint presentations on different topics that were interesting to the students, such as space exploration, animal habitats, the internet, and advertisements. Taught English writing skills to secondary school students - I created writing worksheets that focused on key skills and provided intensive notes on DSE writing to help students improve their writing abilities. Conducted grammar classes for primary school students - I used past papers from schools to drill questions, helping students to identify and correct common grammar mistakes. I also prepared other grammar materials based on the students' school textbooks to help them gain a better understanding of English grammar rules. Conducted interview classes for primary and secondary school students - I prepared lesson notes to help students prepare for interviews and taught them an answering technique called the "3 Golden Points." I also helped students to polish their self-introductions and prepared them to answer questions in a group setting. For my grammar class, it can be quite boring, I like to add some games or put some "misconceptions or common mistakes", I find that when students see common mistakes, they are often interested in knowing why it's wrong and learn how to avoid it. Keeping my students engaged, interested is ideal. MATHEMATICS TEACHING Tutored a secondary school student in HKDSE Mathematics - I provided one-on-one tutoring sessions to a S4 student in preparation for the HKDSE Mathematics exam. I designed exercises to improve the student's understanding of key mathematical concepts and encouraged them to create study notes to aid in their revision. I also worked with the student to identify their weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome them. Through this process, I aimed to help the student achieve their academic goals and gain confidence in their mathematical abilities.


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