Angus, tutor in Mid-levels
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I would like to give back to the community and help students to consolidate their learning during this summer break. This gives me a sense of fulfilment as I have enjoyed helping people in previous volunteering activities.


I am understanding towards students as I have been involved with tutoring at a young age. Having been tutored both physically and virtually throughout my secondary education, I believe students enjoy a more interactive approach to tutoring as it is more engaging. Thus, it helps develop an interest in learning for students.


I believe patience and empathy is the most important for tutoring students. This is because students often come across difficult tasks, causing frustration. Therefore, tutors must be empathetic towards the students in order to support and understand the student, to resolve problems. When academic work becomes difficult, students often take long amounts of time to complete the task. Hence, tutors should be patient to allow the students to have sufficient time to independently think before asking for assistance. This allows greater understanding through the application of knowledge.


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Brisbane Grammar School


Trinity College Dublin


High School graduate (ATAR)


I was born in Hong Kong and studied at West Island School (ESF) before pursing further secondary studies in Australia. I completed high school in Brisbane Grammar School, receiving an ATAR rank of 98.45, with straight A's for English, Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods. As I graduated from high school in November of 2022, I started my tertiary studies in Australia, studying Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook university in 2023. However, I will commence my studies in Dentistry at Trinity College Dublin starting from September of 2023.


I volunteered as a tutor for a local school (Kelvin Grove State School) in Australia during grade 11 and 12. I mostly tutored migrant students with English and their age ranged between 8 to 15. As a prefect in boarding at my school, I was also involved in tutoring younger students in the boarding house after school with assignments and homework.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




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