Marcus, tutor in Tai Kok Tsui
1第一 課程試用



Verified Tutor


I enjoy the interpersonal relationship between the student and I. The best tutors I have had in the past are able to engage the student in the material and praise them when they make improvements, which is the key to making a student want to strive for excellence. I know how it feels to learn in a nurturing environment and it would mean a lot to me if I could provide this environment for others.


I am fluent in English and do not have an accent. This strong foundation allows me to confidently and eloquently convey ideas to the student. I am a patient and creative person who enjoys the challenge of problem solving. I am also good at explaining concepts in simple terms and instilling effective habits in order for the student to learn and grow.


Firstly a tutor must establish a relationship with the student that enables them to have a learning mindset. A tutor must not simply be someone who goes through a textbook with a student. By establishing this relationship the student can learn English naturally through interactions with the tutor instead of the tutor being merely an extension of the textbook. From personal experience, a tutor is not effective unless they can engage the student and see things from their perspective.


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Pomfret School


University of California, Irvine


Published a research paper


I am an 18 year old undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine. I have spent the last three years studying in America and will begin tertiary education in the fall. I am undecided, though I plan to major in Business. My career goal is to become an airline pilot. English was always one of my best subjects in school and this is due to the large amount of books I've always read.


I do not have tutoring experience however I have spent my entire life in an English learning environment


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, University, IELTS, PTE


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合