Tanish , tutor in Tuen Mun
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The development of my own skills, which at times surprise me. It is a good way to develop a more dominant role in life, guiding the way to the younger students which reflects on my attitude outside the classroom.


Communication skills, as I know I’m able to give the student a boost of confidence, whilst also being very firm with rules such as poor homework, not paying attention and etc. my strength is the connection I make with the student as it helps them study better, thinking that I will be their guide in learning English.


Boost confidence in a student, as that’s the motivation which the students need in order to work harder. Keep the morale high, yet have a firm grip over the behaviour of the students to make sure they are being well taught in a welcoming environment. Showing them what to do, instead of telling them. It makes a big difference as the students look up to their teachers as a being far superior to them, which is why we should follow the right steps to nurture the student.


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Shatin College


Cardiff University


Receiving a 37 in the toughest year of IB


I’m 18 years old, graduated from Shatin college, and am about to start university this January at Cardiff. I have a passion for many sports, and love to watch and stay active. I have another passion in reading books, which has helped me expand my knowledge and vocabulary bank as a child. I’m going to be studying law in university, in hopes of becoming a successful corporate lawyer and making a name for myself in the industry.


It was short, as I was a replacement tutor for a few months but I found it quite enjoyable. I have exceptional communication skills, which made it easy for me to connect with the students, and helping them learn in a much efficient manner.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, University, IELTS, PTE




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