Man Hei, tutor in Tin Shui Wai
1第一 課程試用




Tutoring is a meaningful job that brings me satisfaction when I see my students improve and achieve academic excellence. As an education student and teacher-to-be, tutoring definitely is thirst-quenching as it allows me to feel what real teaching is like, and helps me gain experience that would be useful in the future to nurture more and more students.


As a tutor who studies education in the university, I deem myself more competent than other tutors. My university education allows me to view from an angle that other tutors, only as candidates for HKDSE, would not be able to consider. For instance, having learnt the teaching strategies allows me to facilitate students' learning progress and various learning materials provided by the university allow me to know more about students' difficulties in learning and possible solutions to them. My education background definitely speaks for itself. I also have good English command which allows me to conduct my lessons in English and produce teaching materials written in proper and easily understandable English.


Tutor, of course, should first ensure that students are learning efficiently: helping them get rid of difficulties in learning e.g. unclear concepts, providing assistance in teaching in addition to that provided by students' own schools, providing extra learning resources for students e.g. mock papers and exercises. Tutors should also keep track of students' learning progress. Instead of solely teaching, it is important, too, to beware of students' ability and their performance in school. Knowing more about their backgrounds helps tutors plan and adjust their teaching so as to better accommodate students' needs.


  • 化學 補習
  • 生物學 補習
  • 科學 補習


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Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School


The University of Hong Kong Tohoku University, Japan


HKDSE Results: Biology (5*), Chemistry (5*), please refer to my curriculum vitae for more details


I am Kenny, currently a year 1 student of Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science at The University of Hong Kong. I have always been attracted by tutoring because it helps me gain experience of what students' needs are, and so much more about teaching and learning. I hope, through tutoring, that I could prepare my career path as a teacher and help students with academic difficulties. Most tutors do tutoring for the money. Of course that is true, but I am more inclined to the satisfaction brought by this job. I wish you all the best with your learning and I hope to meet you in our lessons!


I have been a private tutor as of the release of my HKDSE results. By far I have tutored more than 15 students in HKDSE biology, HKDSE chemistry, and junior secondary school English language. Students' parents often appreciate me for their children's improvements in academic results. I had also been invited by my alma mater to teach groups of students online so as to assist them with the difficulties in online learning.


Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合