Miguel , tutor in Tung Chung
1第一 課程試用




There are several reasons for my passion for tutoring. I enjoy being able to pass on the knowledge I have learnt to students of the younger years and being able to see them understand more and more complex ideas and concepts. This provides me with motivation and an incentive to continue tutoring. Another reason would be that a teacher had once told us that "Teaching is the best way of learning". I believe in this wholeheartedly as the more I am able to teach, the more constant my learning is being enhanced on its own by strengthening my foundations. Thus, I believe tutoring is not a zero-sum game.


As a tutor, I have a variety of soft and hard skills to facilitate the education of my students. I have attained 5* in my English HKDSE examination and I am confident in my proficiency. Furthermore, I have good computer literacy as the nature of my degree requires computer programming skills and office technology skills as well. As for some soft skills, I am easy to get along with and a patient person who wants to give the students the best education they can get.


A tutor is not only to enrich the knowledge of one's students in a subject that they are behind in but also to ensure that the students have the confidence to learn the said subject. Since they are behind, the students may not feel as confident in learning and may think "Everyone is better than me anyways" However, I would like to give them the confidence to pick themselves up to catch up and even surpass those ahead them.


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St. Margaret's Co-Educational English Secondary and Primary School


The University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education


I am a Year 2 undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong under the curriculum Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems). I am a hard-working and dedicated person who is willing to try my best to give the best results in any position. Not only that, but I am also friendly and easygoing, therefore students will not have a rough time with my personality.


I have tutored Secondary 6 level students on the HKDSE curriculum of Information and Communication Technology. Furthermore, I helped to prepare some tutoring materials for my friend for English and Math.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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