Ma. Victoria Anna I., tutor in Tsim Sha Tsui
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Tutoring is an enriching experience because you have the opportunity to empower someone to reach his/her full potential. As a tutor, you are placed in a position where you can get to know your student in a more in-depth way and device a plan for optimal learning. Having a positive impact on a child’s life is truly a rewarding end result.


My main strengths are having empathy and patience for children. I have the ability to remain calm amidst challenging situations. I normally observe and am able to process what is happening first before giving a thoughtful reaction .Working extensively in customer service has taught me how to empathise with others. In order to validate their feelings, it is important to place yourself in their shoes and try to understand where they are coming from. Students have different backgrounds and one way of connecting with them is to make them feel respected and valued by showing empathy and patience.


A good tutor should be able to properly motivate a student to have a positive mindset when it comes to learning a subject matter. This can be achieved through various essential skills and qualities. One of which would be to have good listening skills which will enable the tutor to better evaluate the student’s preferred learning style, personality and level of understanding. The expertise of the tutor can then be catered to the needs of the student with the aim of bringing out the best in him/her.


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Maryknoll College


Ateneo de Manila University


Bachelors Degree


I am originally from the Philippines, but I have been based in Hong Kong since 1994. I am at the point in my life where I find myself at the crossroads, wanting to reinvent myself into what I have always dreamt of doing which is interacting with the younger generation in some capacity. I have always loved children and have been fascinated with the English language since my mom was an Educator and an English teacher. From my passion for travelling, interacting with people from all nationalities and learning different cultures, I would like to be able to merge my skills and apply it to this new path I am embarking on.


To be honest, I have no formal experience yet, but I have tutored my own daughter from primary until her elementary years. I have also supervised the learning of some of my nephews and nieces at some point in their schooling. This involved reviewing their lessons and assignments, guiding them with their homework or projects and stimulating the absorption of the key concepts learned in the classroom through various engaging methods.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary




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