Ian-Francis, tutor in Ha Wo Che
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It is always the opportunity to meet the new generations of our society. As myself been studying abroad for the past few years, it is always fascinating to understand what the new generations are facing throughout their educational journey in Hong Kong. I know it maybe strange to have connections with your clients, but I think it is vital to allow our students to have the same degree of enjoyment, as I do. By talking to my students, teaching them the key knowledge needed for their future and to provide them some valuable advices from a senior perspective, a bond between students and tutors that may last for a lifetime.


Regarding to my strength, I think is my ability to understand what are the difficulties that bother the students. I have been struggling with study throughout my time in Hong Kong, and first few months in the UK, therefore I have experienced many issues that Hong Kong students would encounter daily, from unable to complete homeworks on time, struggling to understand the lessons to failing examinations. I understand what may have caused such failure, therefore can do actual plannings with student and walk through these challenges in the journey of learning. Moreover, another strength is my ability to create a useful study technique for my student. With utilising methods such as colour coding and breaking down topics into bitesize, my students in the UK have improved because now they understand what it takes to have a good revision plan.


In my opinion, I think what a tutor can offer to a student is a sense of joy with learning. The reason is that throughout my time of studying in Hong Kong, from my primary school until my departure to the UK in secondary 4, I had encountered some horrible teachers that scared my learning experiences. With harsh words and tough punishments, the efficiency actually decreased and causing myself hated studying. Yet the situation changed drastically with my time in the UK, that my teachers encouraged me and motivated me when I am feeling down. They always providing me with extra resources to improve. Therefore I hope with me being a tutor, I can bring them a learning experience that leave them a positive legacy in their life, that learning is not just about examination but to push your limits and standards.


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South Gloucestershire and Stroud college, Filton


University of Bristol


GCSE A level


As in for myself, with my father being French and mother being Chinese, I have the privilege to visit many places throughout my childhood. Such experiences inspired me to learn more about the world's culture and history, therefore I have chosen to study International Relations for my university degree. As a person enjoys the discovery of knowledge, which is why my subjects for A level ranged from Sociology, Business and Mathematics. I also conduct researches with reading materials such as The Economist or the Time magazines. As I think in today's dynamic world, to have a constant re-evaluation of my surroundings, is a key when it comes to judging what is true and what is false once I have received any information.


My tutoring experience dated back at my time of college in the UK. With my steady performances throughout my first year of A level, my teachers appointed me to be a study mentor for first year A level students across all three of my subjects. And now as I am in Hong Kong, I have been doing English tutoring for DSE students and a primary 6 student, allowing myself to be able to keep up with Hong Kong's curriculum.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習, 公衆場合