Rachel, tutor in Kwai Chung
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I like tutoring because I find it meaningful. I am teaching but also learning simultaneously. There are always several problem solving tactics and people always just follow the same safe way to solve and view the problem. But tutoring helps me to think in several ways to solve and explain a problem or a fact. Questions raised by some smart or slow-learner allow me to see the points /details that I haven't thought before. The most interesting part is not being a teacher, but be a learning buddy and explore the world together with the student.


I am good at communicating, and identify the strength and weakness of each of the student. Some are fast-learners, curious, having independent thinking, but being too nervous to make a mistake so they always stick with the safe and tedious method. Some are not fast-learners, not curious, nor have their own independent thinking, but they can manage to cope with stress and having strong determination towards their goals. It is important to know every students are different. By using the most suitable way of teaching, (eg. ask guiding questions to curious one and encourage them to think the correlation between two different concepts) , it would be lot more effective for the teach-and-learn process.


Not only knowledge, but also the attitude and way to tackle a problem. I believe that, most of the time, there are no "idiot", but only the one who don't know how to learn effectively, with little to no curiosity, or having inappropriate attitude towards a challenge. The first two are rather easy to deal with. But the last one is not. As a tutor, it is so important that we should provide them a whole new perspective and possible attitude to view a problem, which can allow things to work better. For example, when dealing with difficult questions, the first step would be don't be defeated by your fear. When a student compare his/herself to others and thinking they are stupid, you should let them know the point is not to better than everyone, but just better than yourself.


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Pope Paul VI College




B. Sc. in Physics, Second Up (Hons)


I am Rachel, a fresh graduate from CUHK with around 5 years of teaching experience. Have been teaching DSE, IB (HL&SL), IGCSE, AP, A Level, OCR etc and have taught around 100 students. Love reading and thinking. Education to me is not only about having good exam results, but more importantly the way of thinking, curiosity development and attitude towards the unknowns and challenges.


I have taught various students, ranging from primary to secondary school students with different learning compatibility. I have been teaching a minor ethnic F5 student in English, who only have F1 level in Maths. After tutoring, she was able to solve some F3 questions now within half a year. Some others are quite talented. Once, I have taught a F1 student M2 and physics, as she had joined an elite program in UST, but she cannot understand the program and was afraid about taking the exam of the pgm at the end. I have taught her for around three months of calculus, vector and basic physics. Finally she was able to pass the exam with merit. She is now F4 and I am still her private tutor.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE, University


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


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